Episode 80 - Blank Parody, Deadfly & Fractions

80 episodes? 80?? Mad!

  • My guests this week are the brilliant Blank Parody, who I spoke to at Dave’s World Live last month
  • There’s a song of the week from Deadfly, a band who are technically from Devon but whose bassist is from Solihull so, y’know, they count
  • I review the debut EP from Fractions, which happens to be released this Friday
  • I round up what gigs are coming your way over the next few days
  • There’s news from Free Sun Rising, Sophie Fest, Frank Iero, The Bronx, Slipknot, Borders and the Flapper
  • AND I’ve got a trailer for a brand new podcast about music starring me and my good friend (and friend of this podcast) Mr Chris Nee

Podcast time! Excellent!