Episode 59 – When the Wolf Comes Home, Charles Dexter Ward and the Imagineers, Ideal Club EP review & M2TM Coventry Heat 5 live report

A cracking episode for you this week…

  • My guests are the quite brilliant When the Wolf Comes Home, who talk playing live, recording and not doing weird things to every third note.
  • There’s a song of the week from Charles Dexter Ward and the Imagineers
  • There’s a live report from heat 5 of Metal 2 the Masses Coventry, which starred Djinova, Vengeful Atonement, Slack Alice and Devil’s Playground.
  • There’s a review of the debut EP from Ideal Club 
  • There’s a look at what gigs you should be heading to over the next few days.
  • And there’s news from Surprise You’re Dead Music, Mosh Against Cancer 2, Sonata Fall and Metal 2 the Masses Wolverhampton.
  • And I tell you why all of the world’s recent problems are the fault of a certain Foo Fighters frontman.

Podcast time! Excellent!