Episode 58 – bloom, Dead Heads, M2TM Coventry Heat 3 & Palm Reader live report

A bumper episode for you this week…

  • My guests are the exceptional bloom who tell me about how they formed, how they surprised themselves with how much they enjoyed playing live and what success might look like for them.
  • There’s a song of the week from Dead Hands, a great band currently in need of a drummer - could it be you?
  • There’s a live report from heat 4 of Metal 2 the Masses Coventry, which starred Shallow Kings, Simai, Slowbro and The Mire Deep, and another live report from Palm Reader, wars, Toy Mountains, bloom and Splintered
  • There’s a look at what gigs you should be heading to over the next few days.
  • And there’s news from While She Sleeps, Coast to Coast, Employed to Serve, Uprising Leicester, Surprise You’re Dead Music, Metal 2 the Masses Wolverhampton, Vengeful Atonement, Wounded Cross and Bloodstock Festival.

Podcast time! Excellent!