Episode 37 - Dead Hands, False Pretence, Mogwai live & albums galore!

Another banger of a show for you this week…

  • My guests are the brilliant Dead Hands, who talk about their EP, why the live shows are so wet and their plans to deal with other bands of the same name.
  • There’s a song of the week from a band I can’t believe I haven’t played before…False Pretence
  • I review Mogwai’s stunning gig in Coventry Cathedral, plus the latest releases from KING 810, Touche Amore, Knocked Loose and Turnstile.
  • There’s news from Amon Amarth, Gojira, Deaf Havana, Conjurer, wars, A Promise to Forget and No Idols.
  • There’s gigs to look forward to from Dream State, Crimson Star, XVII, Nova Twins and Fire Lady Luck
  • And we find out how the Lego movie theme song has been made even more awesome…spoiler; it involves metal \m/

Podcast time! Excellent!