Episode 16 - Producer Chris Piper, Rotunda & My Top 10 Brum Gigs Ever

Something a bit different for you this week - as our local scene isn’t just about the bands…

  • We’re joined by Birmingham-based producer Chris Piper for a really interesting chat on all things production.
  • There’s a song of the week from Brummie punks Rotunda.
  • As I’ve not had time to review anything this week, instead I’m counting down the ten best gigs I’ve ever been to in Birmingham - which will come out on top?
  • There’s news from Conjurer, Our World Below, Eradikator, Beartooth, Gojira, Kerbdog and God Damn.
  • There’s a selection of gigs worth checking out over the next week.
  • And we hear about a very special cover version of Linkin Park

Podcast time! Excellent!