Episode 39 - The return of the magic mixtape!

I’m in the recording studio with my band WAVE this week so haven’t been able to record a normal show. However, I have pulled together another great mixtape for you of some of the awesome band’s I’ve featured on the show, so sit back, turn it up and enjoy!

This mixtape’s trackless is as follows…

Brass Tongue - Full Circle

Dead Hands - Diving Board (Jack Christ Ho)

Conjurer - Scorn

Pork - Gorrister’s Dead

Underground Empire - Figure it Out

Shaun Gambowl Walsh and the Plagiarists - Human Face

Tirade - Snakes and Social Ladders

We Are Carnivores - Scottish Power

Free Sun Rising - Brad Pitt

Anchors and Alibis - The Calling

False Hands - Betrayal

To the Wall - Stockholm

WAVE - Florian

Podcast time! Excellent!