Episode 01 - 30 years in 30 albums, part 1

Here it is, the very first episode of Dave's World. Now, regular episodes of the show will focus on the heavy music scene in Birmingham, with reviews, news and interviews with bands, promoters and more from the second city. However, it felt a bit rude to just jump into a new show without you getting the chance to know me a bit better first, so I've created a special two-part introduction to help sort that - going through 30 years in 30 albums.

The idea spawned from me celebrating my 30th birthday at the end of last year - I decided to go through my album collection, pick out my favourite one for every year I've been alive, tell you why I like them and also mention a few other releases from each year that didn't quite make the cut. Think of it as you being able to flick through my record collection from the comfort of wherever you choose to consume this podcast. There are only two rules; the albums have to be in my collection and I can only pick a band once.

This episode takes us from 1985-2000 - part 2 will follow very shortly.

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Hello, World!