Coventry Bears 18 Oldham 34 & Dave's book is ready to order!

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The Bears played brilliantly but ultimately couldn’t overcome a tough Oldham side on Sunday - we’ve got all the analysis and reaction, including the post-match thoughts of Bears head coach Tom Tsang.

Not only that, we get excited about future trips to Ottawa and New York, we hear from one of the Bears’ sponsors - the Property Buying Group - we preview this weekend’s League 1 and Women’s Challenge Cup double header AND we’ve got all the details of Dave’s book, which is available to pre-order now!

Intros and details of Dave’s book - 00:00:44
Tom Tsang interview post-Oldham - 00:05:15
Oldham analysis - 00:13:44
Property Buying Group interview - 00:25:30
Ottawa & New York chat, this weekend preview - 00:27:18

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Dave Musson