Coventry Bears 16 Doncaster 38 - the Challenge Cup dream is over ๐Ÿ˜ž


Sadly, the Bearsโ€™ hopes of another run in the Coral Challenge Cup were cut short on Friday night, as a host of injuries saw them unable to hold on away to Doncaster.

Weโ€™re got match analysis and the post-game thoughts of Bears head Tom Tsang and weโ€™ll look ahead to the visit of Workington Town next weekend. Also, we give a shout-out to former Bear Jacob Ogden, who made his Super League debut last Friday!

Intros and Jacob Ogden shout-out - 00:00:46
Story of the game - 00:04:30
Tom Tsang post-match interview - 00:05:31
Match analysis - 00:14:59
Workington preview - 00:23:58

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