Bears beat Hunslet! And, end of season awards 2018

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The Bears rounded off the 2018 season in style with a superb 14-4 victory at home to Hunslet to secure 11th position in Betfred League One and round off their best-ever year. We’ve got all the analysis from the game and the post-match reactions of head coach Tom Tsang.

Not only that, we’ve got all the action from the club’s end of season awards - both the official awards and the alternative ones - plus a quick bit of news about some signings for for the 2019 season.

Intro and Hunslet win analysis - 00:00:49
Tom Tsang post-match interview - 00:08:30
2019 signings update - 00:15:24
Official end of season awards - 00:19:16
Alternative awards - 01:05:01

We’ll be back next week with our own review of the season and our own awards.

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