Reece Rance stunner not enough for the Bears

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A frustrating day at the office for the Bears on the weekend, who lost 36-12 at home to the North Wales Crusaders despite a try of the season contender from Reece Rance. Our supersub Tim Griffiths stepped in to help us out with this week’s show, meaning we’ve still got match analysis and the post-game views of head coach Tom Tsang.

Not only that, there’s also a very special, one-off, Ask Mr G section, where Tim takes on the role usually held by Craig and answers your questions.

00:02:03 - North Wales analysis
00:08:41 - Tom Tsang interview
00:14:06 - Summing up
00:15:54 - Ask Mr G
00:19:46 - Bonus interview with some young Bears fans

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