Bears heads high despite defeat to Workington

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They might have come away from one of their longest away trips of the season empty-handed, but the Bears have plenty to be proud about after their battling performance against Workington Town on Sunday. We’ve got all the details from their trip to Cumbria, and we’ll hear from Bears head coach Tom Tsang.

Not only that, we’ve got more of your Ask Mr C questions, we look ahead to this weekend’s trip to face the West Wales Raiders and we’ve got some news about how the link between the club and Coventry University is going to get even stronger next season.

Intros and Coventry University news - 00:00:43
Tom Tsang post-Workington interview - 00:03:36
Workington analysis - 00:15:04
Ask Mr C - 00:22:14
West Wales Raiders preview - 00:34:49

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