1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ in a row! Bears beat the Cougars!

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Just 76 days after Keighley Cougars inflicted a club-record defeat on the Bears…redemption! The Bears put in a superb display to record a 30-20 win - their first victory against a traditional, Northern team at this level.

We’ve got all the analysis and reaction, including post-match interviews with Bears head coach Tom Tsang and returning hat-trick hero Mikey Russell. We also have more of your Ask Mr C questions and a quick look ahead to Wednesday’s game against the West Wales Raiders.

00:01:04 - Intros and story of Bears v Cougars
00:05:26 - Tom Tsang post-match interview
00:14:02 - Cougars match analysis
00:23:00 - Mikey Russell interview
00:28:13 - Ask Mr C
00:32:21 - West Wales Raiders preview

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