Coventry Bears v Oldham - Betfred League 1 2018, game 11, AND Julie Barndoor pep talk

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We look back on the Bears’ 60-0 defeat at home to Oldham at the weekend and also get the post-match thoughts of Bears head coach Tom Tsang.

Not only that, we’ve got more of your Ask Mr C questions, we remind you of all the good things happening alongside the visit of the Bradford Bulls later this month and we have a quick look ahead to this weekend’s trip to Hunslet.

And, as a special treat, we’ve enlisted the help of the coaching enigma that is Julie Barndoor to bring a special pep talk for the Bears - enjoy!

Intros 00:00:41
Tom Tsang post-match interview 00:02:18
Oldham analysis 00:09:40
Ask Mr C 00:21:53
Bradford info and Hunslet preview 00:31:47
Julie Barndoor pep talk 00:38:24

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